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New York State is about as broad and diverse a destination for meetings as you can imagine. From the fast paced excitement of the city to the scenic beauty of the Upstate New York and Long Island, New York offers world class destination options at both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. represents a collaborative approach to booking meetings, encouraging you to consider convention and conference options in all corners of New York State. You can visualize what your experience might be like, you can compare facilities and meeting venues, and you can post requests for proposals or ask for additional information as you narrow your search and consider your New York State alternatives.

Members of the Destination Marketing Organizations of New York State have pooled their resources to assist planners looking for convenience, accurate information and resources to assist in making important site selection decisions. Please feel free to comment on the content of this site, let us know how it can be improved to suit your needs and use the resources available to make your professional life easier. We look forward to welcoming you. New York Meetings – another reason to Love New York!