Attractions and Things to Do In NYC

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Sample Itineraries

5 Days, 5 Boroughs
Five boroughs in five days? Yes, it can be done. Of course, you’ll have to hustle, relying on subways, buses and your own two feet, and you won’t be able to take in everything the boroughs have to offer. But our itinerary suggests the best of each one, starting in the morning and ending in the evening: see the Met’s highlights and eat haute cuisine in Manhattan; buy Brooklyn-made goods and ride the borough’s historic roller coaster; visit an old fort and sample a Sri Lankan buffet in Staten Island. To truly experience all of New York City, you’d need a lifetime, if not several. To get a taste, though, it just takes a few days, an open mind and a great pair of walking shoes.

New York City in Three Days
It’s your first trip to New York City, and you’re only staying for a three-day weekend. While it’s impossible to take in all the excitement of the five boroughs in such a short time (lifelong NYC residents discover something new every day), you can still enjoy many of the City’s essential attractions. Read on for a plan that will help you make the most of your time—these are the sights and sounds you must experience before you leave.

New York City in One Day
You’re finally visiting New York City. But there’s a catch: you have only one day. (Hey, you’ve always heard that things move fast here—why not you?) You won’t get to everything—that would take years. But with the right plan, a one-day visit can be a terrific introduction to NYC.