How to Choose the Perfect Venue For Your Next Meeting, Conference or Event

Corporate event venue featuring blue chairs directed at a projector screenAs an event planner charged with coordinating a big corporate gathering, one of the very first things you will need to do is select a venue.

The number of venue options you have will vary depending on the destination where the event is going to be held. Some places may have lots of choices, while others may have only a few.

No matter how many venues you have to select from, there are a handful of key things to consider as you work towards narrowing down your options to the perfect venue for your specific event.

9 Important Things to Consider When Picking a Corporate Event Venue

As you search for the ideal venue to host your unique gathering, be sure to keep the following 9 factors top of mind:

1. Space

Consider how many people will be attending and what they will be doing during the event. When reviewing venues, you’ll want to be sure there is plenty of space for all attendees to participate comfortably. Don’t be tempted to go for a venue that might end up being too small to accommodate everyone; err on the side of caution when making your selection.

2. Facility Layout

Is your event a cocktail hour? A sit-down dinner? A conference with various speakers and concurrent sessions? The type of event you are coordinating will determine the types of facilities you’ll need within a venue. Be sure you’re only considering venues that are capable of hosting the specific type of event you’re coordinating.  

3. Technology & Equipment

These days, conferences and corporate gatherings require technology – projectors, charging stations, outlet clusters, and more. As you’re shopping your venue options, you’ll want to consider what each has available in terms of technology and on-site equipment.

4. Staff

Corporate events require facilitation and customer service. In many cases, you’ll need lots of hands ‘on deck’ throughout the duration of the event. When choosing a venue, make sure that there will be enough on-site staff members available to keep the event running smoothly.

5. Accessibility

Easily accessible destinations help to encourage attendance at events. The same is true for event venues. Do your best to select a conference or meeting venue that is easy to get to from the various transportation hubs, available accommodations, and dining options in the destination you’ve chosen.  

6. Proximity to Accommodations

This ties in with accessibility. If your event requires people to come from out of town, chances are most people will need overnight accommodations. The ideal venue for your gathering will be close to local lodging options to make it as easy as possible for guests to come and go as needed during their stay.

7. Planning Resources

Event coordination assistance can be incredibly helpful, especially if you’re planning an event at a venue or in a destination that you’re not especially familiar with. Some venues offer planning resources to assist you with putting together the details of your event, which can be a lifesaver and can make the difference between a subpar and stellar event. This ahead-of-time help can help you ensure things to off without a hitch on the day of.

8. Availability

Another key factor when it comes to choosing the best venue for an event is availability. You’ll want to be sure that the facility you choose is available on the date that you need it. Additionally, if you want the whole venue at your disposal, you’ll want to ensure that no other events are booked at the venue on the dates that you need it.

9. Cost

Along with availability, cost is probably one of the most definitive deciding factors when it comes to selecting the ideal corporate event venue. Some venues that may seem perfect for your event will simply be out of your price range. The truly perfect event venue will provide everything you need at a price that fits your event’s budget – so be sure to keep your budget top of mind as you’re exploring your options.

Choose Your Next Corporate Event Venue With Confidence

There are dozens of factors to consider as you’re researching the options for the next corporate event you’re in charge of coordinating. These 9 are some of the most important to keep in mind as you’re searching for the perfect venue for your gathering.

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