Tips for Marketing Your Next Event Online

woman working on marketing an event online sitting at a desk with coffee, her iphone and a laptopIn this day and age, nearly everyone – and every business – has an online presence. If you’re promoting an event for your organization but you’re not doing any type of marketing online, you’re missing out on huge opportunity.

Whether you’re a veteran event coordinator or you’re new to the event planning industry, online marketing is something you should be at least somewhat familiar with. It’s especially important if you’re looking for ways to successfully get the word out about upcoming happenings or hoping to increase attendance at the events you’re responsible for.

How to Do Online Marketing For Your Next Event

There are a handful of ways you can be promoting upcoming corporate events, meetings and business gatherings online. Here, we’ll showcase just a few of the ways you can get started with marketing your next event via the Internet.

Email Marketing

There are rumors floating around out there that email marketing is dead, but as experienced event promoters and organizers, we know that’s not the case. In fact, email marketing remains one of the best ways to get the word about an event. It’s a great way to connect with potential attendees, and to communicate with those signed up to attend once they’ve committed.

Emailed event invitations make it easy for people to refer back to information about the event, and to RSVP with the click of a button. They are also easy to forward if invitees want to pass along the invitation to a coworker or friend. You can also send follow up messages and reminders via email to keep your upcoming event top of mind for those invited and share important information with attendees as the event gets closer.

There are a handful of email marketing platforms out there – some of them free – that make it easy to create and personalize emails and event invitations that can be sent to a few or a few hundred people at a time. If you’re looking to get started with online marketing for events, email marketing is a great first step.

Expert tip: Be sure that the individuals you are emailing have opted in to receiving correspondence from you via email. New industry regulations have been put in place to make sure that consumers aren’t receiving too much spam, so you’ll want to be sure to adhere to the requirements set forth in the email platform you’re using to keep you in the clear.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn provide many opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers and clients. Some of these opportunities are especially helpful when it comes to promoting events!

If you’re new to promoting events through social media, Facebook is a great place to start. Its events feature is relatively intuitive and its user base is massive, meaning that you can share event details with a large number of people relatively easily if you showcase your event on Facebook.

With Facebook events, you can include basic information about the event, post updates periodically as the event gets closer, and monitor people’s comments and questions in the event discussion. You can also keep track of who has expressed interest in the event and who is planning to attend. Additionally, you can ‘boost’ your event by adding a small budget to increase the visibility of the event post and gain more exposure.

In order to take advantage of Facebook events, your business needs to have a Facebook page. If you haven’t set up a page for your organization, now is a great time to do so. It’s well worth it to have a presence on Facebook, as millions of people use Facebook to learn more about businesses every day.

Website Content

Your website is another great resource for people who are interested in attending your upcoming events. People come to your site for information about your business, so it makes total sense to include information there about your business’ events as well.

There are many ways you can add content to your website about upcoming events. If you have a blog section, that can be a great place to write a post containing all the pertinent details about the gathering, conference or event you have in the works. You could also add a page for the event; if it’s an annual event, you can recycle the page year after year by simply updating the event details.

Depending on your website’s design, you could also add content about an event to the homepage, either by incorporating the information into a slider image or adding a link in the main website navigation menu to showcase an upcoming event. There are lots of options, so it’s a good idea to check in with your marketing team or website developer to decide what’s best and most feasible for the event you have coming up!

Local Directories and Calendars

Many local communities and chambers of commerce have websites and events calendars where they will feature upcoming happenings in the region or showcase events sponsored by local businesses and organizations. They can be a great resource when it comes to marketing your event online.

One of the best things about these calendars and directories is that they are often seen by people who you may not have otherwise reached with information about your event. If you’re hoping to increase awareness, local online events calendars can be a great opportunity to do so.

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