Top 5 Reasons to Host Your Next Meeting in New York State

New York State covered in gold glitterEvent planners – want a tip to help you hit it out of the park when you plan your next conference or meeting? Host your next event in New York State!

There are dozens of things that set New York State apart when it comes to meetings and events! With a plethora of destinations to choose from, each with unique and distinctive offerings, you’ve got a lot of options when you consider NY.

Not quite convinced that New York State is the place for your next gathering? Maybe this list of the top 5 reasons you should plan your next meeting in NY will change your mind!

Why Plan Your Next Event in New York State?

1. New York State Is Great for Business and Vacation

Locations that enable event attendees to combine business and leisure make the best meeting and event destinations. Hosting an event in one of these locations can make the event more appealing to attendees and their families. Choose a destination that allows attendees to combine business and vacation and there’s a good chance your event will be well-attended.

Looking for a location like this? New York State is chock full of them! Learn more about NY’s various destinations and what makes each perfect for business and vacation.

2. New York’s Destinations are Easily Accessible

Whether you’re coming to town by plane, car, train, or another form of transportation, you’ll find New York State’s destinations to be easily accessible. With airports, train stations, and bus stations scattered throughout the state, most major cities are very easy to get to. Many are also easy to navigate via public transportation as well.

Are most event attendees driving themselves to the destination? With interstates and highways conveniently connecting every corner of the state, event attendees should have no trouble getting where they’re trying to go.

3. New York Is Incredibly Diverse

It’s amazing that just one state can house so much diversity when it comes to destinations. From the fast paced excitement of New York City to the scenic beauty of the Upstate New York, NY truly has it all.

As a result, New York offers world class destination options at both ends of the spectrum – from bustling cities to scenic rural communities – and everything in between. No matter what you’re looking for in terms of a meeting or conference destination, you’ll find it here in New York State.

4. New York Has Dozens of Amazing Event Venues

Athletic venues, conference venues, meeting rooms and more – you’ll find them all in New York State! Each destination features a handful – or more – of venues to choose from. Plus, you’ll find convenient and comfortable lodging and accommodations nearby.

From the formal and traditional to the unconventional, if you have a vision in mind for your event, there’s a venue in New York State that can help you make it happen.

5. New York Meetings Will Help You Plan The Event

The New York Destination Marketing Organizations have developed a unique, collaborative approach helping those who are looking to plan events in New York State. Members of more than a dozen travel bureaus throughout the state have pooled their resources and insight to help meeting coordinators organize effective, memorable meetings in New York destinations.

The experienced event coordinators you will work with are specialists in their local areas and know the ins and outs of planning events of all kinds. Not sure where you’d like to host your New York event? They can help with that too. Just send in an RFP and select the destinations you’re considering and you’ll receive information that will help you find the NY destination that will work best.

Learn more about three major reasons you should work with New York Meetings to plan your next conference or event in New York State.

Curious about the New York Meetings event planning process? You can find a step by step guide to planning a meeting in NY here.

Choose New York State For Your Next Meeting, Event or Conference!

So there you have it – 5 terrific reasons to plan your next conference, convention, meeting or event in New York State!

Have we piqued your interest? Interested in learning more about all NYS has to offer when it comes to meeting destinations? Be sure to check out the New York Meetings website for helpful information related specifically to planning events in New York State!

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