7 Ways To Explore a New Destination When Traveling for Business

Professionally dressed man and woman meeting at a coffee shop during a business trip When you’re on a business trip, you don’t have to be all business all the time. Most work-related trips include at least a little bit of downtime here and there.

And if you’re lucky enough to be visiting a great destination, a little bit of downtime is all you need to work some fun into your work-related travels.

Wondering how to make the most of your downtime during your next business trip? We have some great suggestions for how to have some fun exploring a new destination even if you’re in town for work.

Fun Things To Do When You’re In Town On a Business Trip

1. Try Out Local Eateries

If you’re attending a conference or corporate event, you’ll likely have a very full schedule during your time in town – but you’ll still need to find time to eat.

Checking out local restaurants and cafes can be a great way to experience a little bit of the local culture if you’re short on time. Try ordering the local favorite for a real taste of the destination you’re visiting.

2. Go For a Run, Walk or Hike

There’s no better way to see what there is to see in a new locale than to get out there and explore for yourself. If you exercise regularly, make it a point to go for a walk, run or hike outside instead of in the hotel fitness center!  

Walking local trails or jogging the city streets is a great way to tour the area and scope out other places and attractions you might want to check out while you’re in town.

3. Visit Local Tourist Attractions

Don’t be afraid to be a tourist even if you’re in town for business! Find out which top attractions are nearby the meeting or event venue and make a plan to check them out in your free time.

4. Do Some Shopping

Leave a little bit of room in your suitcase and do some shopping while you’re in town – or, if your suitcase is already full, just do some window shopping.

Browsing storefronts is a great way to see what the local area has to offer and a fun way to discover new products and businesses you may never have heard of otherwise.

5. Schedule a Group Tour or Outing

Make a plan with your coworkers or other corporate event attendees to do a group tour or outing while you’re in town for work. Exploring a new destination together is a great way to get to know people in a new context, and a guided tour or outing can help you to really experience the local scene in a short period of time, which is great if you’re only visiting briefly.

6. Grab a Drink

You’ll find some of the friendliest local people in bars and coffee houses. Instead of grabbing a drink at the hotel bar or making your coffee in the little coffee maker in your hotel room, venture out and explore some of the local options. Need to meet with a client? Try meeting at a local pub or coffee place.

Try a local beer on tap or order the local favorite at the coffee shop. Listen in as you enjoy your beverage – you may pick up recommendations for other places to check out during your trip.

7. Bring The Family and Extend Your Stay

Headed to a family-friendly destination? Bring your partner and kids and think about extending your trip so you can fully explore together!

Make a plan for what the family can do while you’re tied up in meetings and business-related obligations, then plan a few days of family fun before you all head home.

Make The Most of Your Next Business Trip!

A business trip is a great excuse to explore a new destination. Make the most of your next work trip and try out one (or all) of these 7 tips for exploring a new place while in town for a business trip.

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